Video of Rental Property Number 6 After the Rehab

Here is a quick video I shot of rental property number 6. This rehab took a long time to complete because we found out our contractor had to fire two of his workers. We had him doing three houses at once and that turned out to be a bad idea. We have another contractor working on rental property number 7 which is almost done too.

One of my tenants in rental property number four asked me if I had anything coming up for rent for her brother. I told her about this one and he put a deposit on it this morning! I still have to check out his application, but he is renting a house now that is being sold as a short sale.  I was able to look up the address of the house he is renting now and he is taking very good care of the house.  Assuming everything checks out we will have this one rented for $1300 a month and he wants to move in this week!  He is also going to work on the yard which needs some help. Depending on how much he does, I may give him a break on his rent for that since a new yard would be very expensive.

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