A Positive Attitude: How it all came Together Perfectly when Buying a House

3305 garageAs many of you who have been following my blog know, I am purchasing a new primary residence.  In fact, the sale was official as of July 18th, and I have been moving ever since.  The last few days have been a mix of packing, moving, driving a large truck, resting(very briefly), unpacking, more packing, more lifting of boxes and giving tours of our new house to family and friends while it is a disaster zone.  Luckily we had movers take all the heavy stuff, but next time I move, if I ever move again, they are doing everything!

Through this entire process of buying a house and selling ours, I have been very tired and soar, but relatively stress free.  A huge reason I have been stress free is at the beginning of 2013, I really got into personal improvement.  I have always thought of myself as a relatively positive person, but I learned that the secret to being ultra-successful is taking your attitude to a new positive level.  In the past 6 to 8 months I have read numerous books, listened to numerous books on CDs and enrolled in a personal coaching program through Jack Canfield coaching.  I think the biggest thing I have taken away from all of this, is to stop worrying and relax.  The positive thinking has taught me that I can get what I want if I really go after it and not to stress about things.

Building a loft in our current house

My wife and I had been throwing around the idea of building a loft in our house for months, but had very little success figuring out how to make it work.  The home we just moved out of is a ranch home, with a basement and has very steep pitched roof.  I have been up there a few times (after climbing a ladder about 12 feet to reach the attic access in our garage), and there is tons of space in the attic.  There is space in the attic for a 12 x 16 room with 10 foot ceilings and then twice that much space  with at least 8 foot ceilings.  The peak of our attic is at least 16 feet high and I thought for sure this was a great plan that would make our house awesome.  The plan was to finish one big room, connect it to our vaulted living room so that the loft would overlook the living room below. We would stack stairs on top of our current stairs and add a patio off the loft that would be high enough to give a great view of the mountains over our neighbors house.

We contacted a contractor and he was very positive about putting a loft in the attic, but warned us it could cost quite a bit. We were prepared for the cost if it was under $50,000 and decided to have an architect he knew, come look at the house.  The architect came a couple of weeks later and he was also positive about our prospects for finishing the attic.  He said he needed to talk to a structural engineer and would get back to us.  A few weeks passed with no word from anyone and we were getting impatient. We asked our contractor, and he said he finally got a hold of the architect and he said he couldn’t do it, it was too much work.  I tried calling the architect to get more details and he never called me back.

We did not give up, I thought it was my destiny to have a loft in this house and I was going to make it happen!  I called another contractor and another architect.  The contractor told me to buy a new house with a loft, that the hassle wasn’t worth it. The architect said, he would be happy to look at it and then disappeared.  I still did not give up, this time I asked around for a structural engineer who I could talk to about the loft project.  I kept hearing the same name pop up so I gave him a call.  He sounded pessimistic from the very beginning and said he was super busy with work.  I gave him a call a couple of weeks later and convinced him to look at our house.  He came over, saw the engineered trusses and said he could possibly make it work, if he had the original drawings for the house.

The biggest issue from he beginning was the engineered trusses that cross throughout the attic. The engineer said they would all have to be rebuilt and engineered to make the space needed, the only way he would even consider the project was if I had the building plans.  I went on a mission, I tracked down the builder (it was built in 2005) in Wyoming through LinkedIn.  The builder responded and said yes he probably had the plans in his storage unit, he would look for them in the next couple of days.  I never heard from him, so I asked again with the same response.  This went on for months, until I offered him $100 for the plans if he could find them, he never responded and disappeared.  I had already checked with the city and truss company and they dispose of  the plans after five years, so no luck there either.

Now, I was starting to doubt that positive thinking and persistence was going to get me this loft.  My coach had suggested I try offering the builder $300 for the plans to entice him to dig through his storage unit.  I was thinking about, but had to go to a Real Estate conference and decided to wait to offer the builder anything more.

A surprise at the conference

While at the conference I remember sitting down talking to a friend, when I received a text from my wife.  I remember the text said something like “I found the perfect house!”   She sent a link and the house seemed very nice, but was much more than we had ever thought about spending.  During the last couple of months of trying to make the loft work, we had started to casually look for houses.  We had looked at a couple and kept our eyes open, but were not thinking of moving unless we found an awesome deal on an amazing house.

The thing that really caught my eye about this house, was it had a five car garage.  I have three cars, my wife has one and we have a lot of other junk in our garage as well.  I currently keep one car at my sisters garage and I was seriously thinking about buying a shop/warehouse close to us where I could put my car and all our extra junk (that junk consists of good deals she finds on materials for our fix and flips and rentals).  I had a really hard time finding any shop space for rent or for sale, that was not way out of my price range.  I even went so far as to mail out 50 letters to every owner in a complex I liked, to see if anyone wanted to sell.  I got one response, from someone who wanted way too much money on one of the worst units in the complex.  The search for a commercial shop space was going about as well as the loft.

3305 loft

The house

Besides having a five car garage, the house has an awesome loft that overlooks the 2 story tall living room.  The house has a view of open space, trees, a greenhouse and lake that are all part of a massive estate that recently sold for 3 million dollars(in our area that is a lot of money for any Real Estate).  There are great views of the mountains from the upstairs and the home is on a .5 acre lot.  It has a finished walkout basement, pond with water fall, fenced yard, awesome kitchen, awesome master and a lot of space.

3305 view

When I got back from my conference we saw the home in person and Jeni fell in love with it.  I liked it, but I was not so sure I liked it enough to pay what they were asking.  I did some research on comparable homes, I had never paid much attention to this price range before and found there were not many comparable homes on the market.  This house had more features and fit us better than any similar priced home or more expensive homes that were on the market.

I always like to look at large homes and I find builders chop up the floor plan.   Many large homes have a parlor, formal living room, formal dining room, family room, etc.  Even the homes are much larger than most homes, he rooms become small and confined.  This house was not like that at all, it had a large living room open to the kitchen and breakfast nook.  The builder had actually used the space to make larger functional rooms that I would actually use!  The more I thought about it, the more I liked this house, especially since the comparable houses did not have 5 car garages, did not have a lake view and did not have anywhere close to as nice of a floor plan.

The offer

We decided to make a low offer on the home, after I came to the realization that a house like this does not come on the market often and I may never find one that fits us this well.  I wrote an article on my blog about how much house can people really afford and came to find out we could afford this house.  I calculated this home probably cost close to a million dollars to build new with all the high tech features.  I know you are all probably wondering how much the home cost and it is public record now, so if you really wanted to look it up you could.  The asking price was $600,000 and we offered $520,000 with the sellers paying $5,000 in closing costs.  Along with the offer, my wife wrote the sellers a letter, explaining how the house was perfect for us.  How the loft would allow her to sew while she watched our twins play and added many other sweet things in the letter.

We received a response the next day that they had received another offer on the home.  The Realtor said our offer was significantly lower than the other offer, but the sellers loved Jeni’s letter and they were thinking it over.  I decided I did not want to miss out on this house and we decided to raise our offer significantly.  We raised our offer to $555,000 and I waived my commission, basically making our offer $571,650, with the sellers paying $5,000 in closing costs.  The home also has a theatre room and two laundry rooms, we asked for all the theatre equipment, seating and one washer and dryer to be included with our offer.

We patiently waited, hoping that our offer was good enough, even though it was still below asking price.  The sellers had just bought the home 6 months earlier, but had to move because they have a special needs child, who did not do well in the local school system.  They had bought the home for $560,000 and we thought our offer was pretty fair based on their purchase price.  A day later I received a call from the listing agent and he told me they will accept $555,000 without the inclusions or $560,000 with the inclusions.  I told them we will do it for $560,000 with the inclusions and we had a deal!

We set our closing out 7 weeks because the sellers were going to be out-of-town and we had to figure out how we were going to make all this work.  Our current house was not near show condition and I had not even thought about selling it yet.  Luckily we were able to purchase the new house without selling the current house, but I don’t want to pay two mortgage any longer than I have too.

Inspection, appraisal, closing

Everything with the new house went fairly smooth.  We did our inspection and found many minor problems, but nothing huge.  We only asked for a window seal to be fixed which was about two hundred dollars.  The appraisal came in at $575,000, which was a surprise since appraisers rarely come in much higher than contract price.  My lender said we were all set and we just had to wait for closing.  I ended up doing a 7 year ARM with my portfolio lender at 3.375%.   We closed last week, smooth as butter.

How this relates to Positive thinking

I don’t think there is anyway I would have bought this house without my attitude change.  I would have never considered this house before, thinking it was too much money.  With my new positive attitude came the idea to do as many exciting things as possible in my life.  Buying this house is definitely exciting and makes me even more positive and happy thinking about it.

The weirdest thing about the entire situation is one of my tasks for my coaching program.  I was asked to write story that explained how my ideal life would be in ten years.  I was to be as detailed as possible and include information on my family, house, cars, job, income and what I do in my free time and for work (if anything).  I wrote out a story that described my life and I described the house I wanted to live in.  Here is how I described my ideal house in ten years.

“Jeni and I have moved from our current house, we loved it especially after the loft was built, but decided to build our dream house.  The house is still in town, but has a .5 acre lot. Our house is not huge; it has 6,000 square feet with a walk out basement, loft, fantastic master suite and a huge kitchen. The great part about the property is the massive 15 car garage/shop.  “

I recorded my ten-year dream story and listened to it at least once a day for a month or two.  I had stopped listening to that story right before we made the offer on the house since I had made many other recordings that I listened to instead.  I have recordings for my goals, affirmations and one year dream story.  I happened to listen to my ten-year dream story a few weeks after we had the house under contract and could not believe how similar the house we had under contract was to my description.   The only real difference was the 15 car shop, but a 5 car garage is pretty rare around here and there is room on the lot to build a shop.

3305 master

The kitchen and master suite are definitely fantastic in this house.  The master bedroom is 19 x 19, has an infinity over flow tub with the faucet coming out of the ceiling and LED lights in the tub.  The master closet is 10 x 12 with an island and attached laundry room.  The shower is huge with four shower heads.

3305 master bath

The kitchen is 19 x 19 with slab granite, copper hood, gas range, three dishwashers, double oven, two beverage coolers, side by side built-in fridge with four drawer freezers, 7 x 6 island and 12 foot long breakfast bar.

3305 kitchen

The theatre room is another fantastic feature.  It has six electronic theatre seats, a Polk audio sound system, projector, black walls with movie theatre curtains and tiered seats.

3305 theatre room

Ask for what you want

A lot of the books and CDs I listen too, have a common point.  You have to continually tell your subconscious what you want and your subconscious will do it’s best to deliver it to you.  Recording my dream story, affirmations and goals is all supposed to help my subconscious understand what I want and it seems to be working!

Stress Level and Worry

The most important thing I have gotten out of my coaching is letting go of stress and worry.  I read a book called too perfect and it talks about obsessive compulsive tendencies.  If you ever asked me if I had obsessive tendencies I would laugh at you, but after reading the book, I realized I have a lot of obsessive tendencies.  After reading the book, I realized most successful people are probably full of obsessive tendencies.  one of the big ones for me was constantly worrying and thinking about my business and money.  When I became successful I started to thinking to my self don’t screw this up.  I constantly worried about losing business or what would happen if I lost this source of income and worried about how much we spent on everything.

I have learned this is a really horrible way to think.  For one thing,  your subconscious hears all these negative thoughts and worries towards money.  That naturally makes your subconscious think you want to lose your money, since your subconscious can’t tell the difference between a negative and a positive.  That is why being positive all the time is so important, if your happy and positive then your subconscious does it’s best to keep you that way.  At the same time when you think about things you like and make you happy, your subconscious tries to help you get those things.  If you think about things you don’t like and don’t want, your subconscious also tries to help you get those things as well.

My coaching helped me realize worrying about money does no good, in fact worrying about anything does not good.  I can’t change the past and I can’t predict the future.  All I can do is try my best in life and have faith things will work out.  Most of our fear and worry is based on future events that our mind has convinced us will happen.  Usually those events never happen and all the worry did nothing, but cause us stress.   It may seem hard to believe, but this new philosophy has almost eliminated worry and stress in my life.  Throughout this entire house buying process, I knew things would workout for the best and I think they have.

Because I have a lot of equity in my old house, we are basically breaking even with the down payment for the new house and the proceeds from the old house.  If we would have been able to make the loft work in the old house, it would have cost us more money than buying a new house.  If we would have bought a commercial shop, it would have cost us more money than buying a new house.  By buying a new house we were able to solve the loft issue, the shop issue and we got an amazing new house.  Those may all be coincidences, but what makes it even more unlikely is how the sale of our house worked out, which I will discuss in part two of this article.  A positive attitude: when selling a house goes perfectly.

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11 responses to “A Positive Attitude: How it all came Together Perfectly when Buying a House

  1. Congrats on the new house Mark. Its quite stunning. I like your positive outlook and I need to work towards that style of thinking.

    • Thank you Mike, It really does change your life. Even if nothing else changes, the positive attitude makes you feel better physically. Things usually aren’t as bad as our mind tries to make us think they are.

  2. Incredible pictures. Inspiring as usual.

    • Follow-up: How does this feeling compare to when you bought your previous house?

      • Thank you!
        That’s a great question. Both houses were much larger and nicer than my previous house. I think it was more exciting with the first purchase. We had to get very creative to buy the first one at the foreclosure sale and we didn’t think we were going to get it even after the foreclosure sale, because a lien tried to redeem. We ended up paying them of to go away. Definitely much more stressful with the first one.

  3. Awesome! Gotta say, the house looks AMAZING! Also wanted to say your site is a huge inspiration to me as I progress through my own real estate journey.

  4. Congrats on the new home by the way. I got a couple of questions: What convinced you to get the 7 year ARM loan, when there’s a likely possibility that interest rates could double. My 2nd question is more of a comment, but when you were implicating how people subconsciously worry about future events that never happen, it reminded me of Will Smith’s latest movie “After Earth” since it brought up the same principles relating to fear as well.

    • Hi Frank,
      My portfolio lender only offers a 7 year, 5 year ARM or 15 year fixed. To be honest, I have not completed my taxes for 2012 yet and any other lender would require all kinds of paper work from me including 2012 taxes. My portfolio lender already has everything and didn’t need anymore paperwork from me. That coupled with the lower rate on the ARM convinced me. With the lower rate I wouldn’t start losing money until 9 years down the road since I would be paying the lower rate for 7 years. In 9 years time I plan to have more than enough money to pay it off or I may find a better house by then too(doubt it). Plus in 9 years inflation will cause money to be worth a lot less and I would rather have the lower payment now when money is worth more. I can use that extra money to invest now and get a lot higher return in those 9 years than I would be saving if interest rates jump.

      My basic philosophy is to get my money as cheap as possible now and invest as much money as possible. In the long run my investments should more than make up for any extra costs in 9 years.

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