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Purchasing Multi-Unit Properties With Little or No Cash Down-An Interview With Ben Leybovich

DSC00619Ben Leybovich has been successfully investing in Real Estate since 2006.  His area of expertise is creative finance and acquisition methods of income-producing real estate. Continue reading


I Thought I had Rental Property Number 8 Under Contract

warningFor about a day and a half I thought I was going to get rental property number 8 under contract.  I was not planning on buying number 8 quite so soon, which I have expressed in other articles, but this was a great opportunity.  Continue reading

Why the 2% Rule can get Beginning Investors into Trouble

The 2% rule has been discussed quite a bit on the forums and in blog posts.  Since I am a new blogger (I wrote my first article for Bigger Pockets last week on buying HUD homes), I figured it was okay for me to add another opinion on the 2% rule.  What peaked my interest was seeing a comment in one of the forum posts that said the 2% rule is great for beginning investors, because it helps keep them out of trouble. However- I think the 2% rule actually does a lot more harm that good with new investors.

Continue reading here at Bigger Pockets…….

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I am able to get great returns on my cash by investing in long-term rental properties.  Part of the reason I get great returns, is I am very picky on what I buy and I only purchase great deals.  Continue reading

How to Find a Great Property Manager

rentA very common question in the Real Estate investing world is; how do I invest in an area I don’t live in?  This is a difficult question for me to answer, since I have never invested outside of my market.  Continue reading

Investfour More Rental Property Number 6 is Rented

1509I think I mentioned this in another post, but we rented rental property number six over a week ago.  Continue reading

Are We in Another Housing Bubble?

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