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Are We in Another Housing Bubble?

Photo Jun 14, 6 09 54 PMAs 2013 progresses, the Real Estate market is improving in almost every part of the country.   Continue reading


How to Make Big Profits from Real Estate without Paying Taxes

Photo May 24, 8 10 09 PM (1)There is a very simple way to make a lot of money in Real Estate putting very little money down and paying no taxes on the profit.  This strategy can be used by anyone, but very few actually do this because it takes quite a bit of planning and work.  Continue reading

Investing in Non Performing Loans


Update 6/6/2013 on vetting process with Granite Loan Solutions

In my previous article I sent link to a website and mentioned investors must pay $2,000 to be vetted in order to purchase loans from Granite Loan Solutions.  Continue reading

Can you Afford your Primary Residence?

Photo May 08, 6 56 42 PMThis topic is near and dear to me as my family and I are considering moving to a bigger, nicer, more expensive home.  Continue reading

How Writing a Real Estate Blog has Improved my Investing and Business

Writing a blog, has helped me learn new investing techniques, meet new business contacts and helped me achieve my goals.  I didn’t plan to write a blog, in fact the blog  just materialized from a couple random ideas in early 2013.  I learned from reading and listening to self-help/wealth gurus to keep an eye out for any opportunity no matter how small or big.  Continue reading

Why Being an REO Broker and Investor Don’t Always Work Well Together

2529My main job is as a Realtor and I specialize in listing REO and HUD properties.  Many people may think this would give me an inside track to many investment opportunities, however that is not the case. Continue reading


Target Rental Property #7: Short Sale

Update: 4/11/2013.  We are set to close 4/17.

Update: 3/22/2013.  The bank accepted my offer! Continue reading