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How to Make Big Profits from Real Estate without Paying Taxes

Photo May 24, 8 10 09 PM (1)There is a very simple way to make a lot of money in Real Estate putting very little money down and paying no taxes on the profit.  This strategy can be used by anyone, but very few actually do this because it takes quite a bit of planning and work.  Continue reading


How to Find A Portfolio Lender

Rental properties are the absolute best investment for wealth and cash flow growth.
One of the most frequent questions I hear on my blog, from emails, in investor meet ups or on forums is how to find a portfolio lender.  Continue reading

Fannie Mae Now Prohibitting Purchases by all Licensees of Listing Broker

Fannie Mae REOs can be a great source for investors.  They have a lot of inventory and offer great financing options through Homepath. Continue reading

What Type of Purchase Will Net the Best Results for A Long Term Rental Property

Photo Sep 24, 3 54 25 PM (2)One of the keys to my strategy is buying properties at below market value.  In order to do this you can’t buy any property you find on MLS at list price.  Continue reading

How to Finance More than Four Properties

ImageMany people find it is very difficult to finance more than four properties, because of strict bank guidelines.  However, there are banks that will finance more than four properties if you know where to look. Continue reading