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How to Obtain a Private Mortgage due to Traditional Lender Denials-Guest Blog by Mr. Parker


Mr. Parker is a financial writer associated with the community of “Mortgagefit.com”. He has written more than 500 articles on loans, money-saving tips, foreclosure, mortgage, budgeting, bankruptcy, insurance and so on. He is also a Kindle publishing enthusiasts and associated with various forums and communities.  Continue reading


Good Versus Bad Debt? I Don’t Care When Investing

Recently, I wrote about what I think is a common misconception, in that a long-term rental must meet the 2% rule to be a good investment.  I think another misconception is that all debt is bad, and must be avoided at all costs.  Many people will tell you stay away from debt at all costs, while others will say good debt is okay but stay away from bad debt.  Most people define bad debt as debt that uses depreciating assets or no assets as collateral.  Car loans, credit cards, student loans, retail goods like TVs, furniture, exercise equipment all would classify as bad debt.  My personal philosophy; I don’t care what is used as collateral, if I can use debt to invest and make  me a higher return than the debt costs me – I will.

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Invest Four More Rental Property Number 5

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I realized when I uploaded the after rehab video on rental property number five that I had not done a write up on the costs and purchase terms.  Here are the details for Invest Four More’s rental property number five. Continue reading

How Writing a Real Estate Blog has Improved my Investing and Business

Writing a blog, has helped me learn new investing techniques, meet new business contacts and helped me achieve my goals.  I didn’t plan to write a blog, in fact the blog  just materialized from a couple random ideas in early 2013.  I learned from reading and listening to self-help/wealth gurus to keep an eye out for any opportunity no matter how small or big.  Continue reading

Invest Four More Rental Property # 2

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