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How to Make More Money by Hiring and Delegating More

peopleIf you are reading my blog, chances are you either own your own business or want to own your own business.   Continue reading


How to Make Big Profits from Real Estate without Paying Taxes

Photo May 24, 8 10 09 PM (1)There is a very simple way to make a lot of money in Real Estate putting very little money down and paying no taxes on the profit.  This strategy can be used by anyone, but very few actually do this because it takes quite a bit of planning and work.  Continue reading

Is it Smart to Work or Invest with Friends and Family?

Complete Guide to Purchasing Long Term Rental PropertiesWorking with friends or family can be a very tricky situation.  There are so many ways that feelings can be hurt, or worse pocket books can be hurt.  Continue reading

How to Improve Your Business By Attending a Conference

conferenceConferences are a great source of information and inspiration.  My main area of focus as a Realtor is listing REO and HUD properties for banks and the government.  Continue reading

The Owner Occupants Guide to Purchasing HUD Homes

100_6367I am a HUD listing broker and I have sold hundreds of HUD homes in the last three years.  I know the HUD system and how to successfully submit a bid and close on a HUD home. Continue reading

Fannie Mae Now Prohibitting Purchases by all Licensees of Listing Broker

Fannie Mae REOs can be a great source for investors.  They have a lot of inventory and offer great financing options through Homepath. Continue reading

Why Being an REO Broker and Investor Don’t Always Work Well Together

2529My main job is as a Realtor and I specialize in listing REO and HUD properties.  Many people may think this would give me an inside track to many investment opportunities, however that is not the case. Continue reading