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A positive Attitude: When Selling a House Goes Perfectly

IMG_6851I just purchased an amazing home for my family and myself and I feel my positive attitude had a lot to do with how smooth the transaction went.  Continue reading


How Being a Real Estate Agent Gets Me More Deals

There are a lot of questions on the BiggerPockets Forums on if it is worth it to have your Real Estate license.  I have been a Realtor since 2002, when my father got me in the business.  My father has been a Realtor since 1978 and he has always had a few rentals and done many fix and flips.  When I first started in the business I loved doing fix and flips, but wasn’t so keen on selling houses to strangers.  I sold enough houses to get by, and focused on the flips since those were much more fun.  I always thought it would be smart to buy rental properties, but I was young and not very good at saving money.

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Updates from Invest Four More on Facebook and Twitter

Up to now I have used Facebook and Twitter to post my blog articles and that is about all.  From now on I am going to update Twitter and Facebook multiple times a week with information from my weekly investing activities. Continue reading

A Positive Attitude: How it all came Together Perfectly when Buying a House

3305 garageAs many of you who have been following my blog know, I am purchasing a new primary residence.  In fact, the sale was official as of July 18th, and I have been moving ever since.  Continue reading

A Challenge to New Real Estate Investors: 7 Steps You Can Start Taking Today

My last article discussed why I think the 2% rule is a bad rule of thumb for beginning investors.  In this article, I give newbies a few simple tips on how start taking action in their investing career.

The BiggerPockets forums are full of posts from new investors introducing themselves or asking questions.   Even though there are many new investors looking to get started buying properties, very few ever actually become successful investors.

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I Thought I had Rental Property Number 8 Under Contract

warningFor about a day and a half I thought I was going to get rental property number 8 under contract.  I was not planning on buying number 8 quite so soon, which I have expressed in other articles, but this was a great opportunity.  Continue reading

Why the 2% Rule can get Beginning Investors into Trouble

The 2% rule has been discussed quite a bit on the forums and in blog posts.  Since I am a new blogger (I wrote my first article for Bigger Pockets last week on buying HUD homes), I figured it was okay for me to add another opinion on the 2% rule.  What peaked my interest was seeing a comment in one of the forum posts that said the 2% rule is great for beginning investors, because it helps keep them out of trouble. However- I think the 2% rule actually does a lot more harm that good with new investors.

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