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Invest Four More Rental Property #3

1907I did not waste any time trying to buy my next property after I had purchased rental property number 2.  I always look at the hot sheets (MLS reports that show new listings) at least twice a day, sometimes more to see what is new on the market, back on the market or has had a price change.  Continue reading


Invest Four More Rental Property # 2

721I purchased my first long-term rental property in December of 2010.  I did not buy my second rental property until October of 2011.  I did not plan on waiting this long to buy another, but life happens and sometimes in a big way! Continue reading

Great Resources for Investors

Man and Woman Shaking HandsWhen I started investing in long-term rentals, I found most of my information from books, family and business associates.  There is another huge resource available for investors today; the internet.  Continue reading

Invest Four More Rental Property # 1

I started this blog over two years after I bought my first rental property.  I want to go back in time and revisit each property I bought, what it’s renting for and my current financials for each one.  If you are curious what I bought and how much I spent, all my long term rental properties will be listed here. Continue reading

The Investors Guide to Purchasing HUD Homes

Photo Jul 17, 1 30 22 PMI am a HUD listing Broker, who has listed hundreds of HUD homes over the last three years.  I have learned many tricks and techniques on how investors can successfully bid and close on HUD home. Continue reading

Should I Pay Off My House Early or Invest the Money in Rental Properties?

Row housesMany financial experts advise people to pay off their homes as quickly as possible to reduce debt.  They refer to debt, as a lurking monster that will eventually destroy us if we don’t get rid if it as quickly as possible.  Continue reading

Using Private or Hard Money to Finance Your Real Estate Investment

cashThis article is a bit different from my long-term strategy, but will hit home to many Real Estate investors.  I fix and flip homes as well as invest in long-term rentals.  Continue reading