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Updates from Invest Four More on Facebook and Twitter

Up to now I have used Facebook and Twitter to post my blog articles and that is about all.  From now on I am going to update Twitter and Facebook multiple times a week with information from my weekly investing activities. Continue reading


Is it Smart to Work or Invest with Friends and Family?

Complete Guide to Purchasing Long Term Rental PropertiesWorking with friends or family can be a very tricky situation.  There are so many ways that feelings can be hurt, or worse pocket books can be hurt.  Continue reading

Invest Four More’s Complete Guide to Purchasing Long Term Rental Properties

thI choose to invest in long-term rental properties because of the fantastic returns rentals can provide.  I am seeing over 24% cash on cash returns on all of my rental properties. Continue reading


Welcome to my blog!  My name is Mark Ferguson and I have been a licensed Realtor since September of 2002.  I currently specialize in selling distressed assets for banks, hedge funds and the government.  My biggest client is HUD and I love … Continue reading


Invest Four More is here to provide you expert advice on investing in rental properties while dealing with the banking industry’s four mortgage limit. You’ll learn the critical strategies and techniques to overcome this barrier and multiply your wealth.