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Investfour More Rental Property Number 6 is Rented

1509I think I mentioned this in another post, but we rented rental property number six over a week ago.  Continue reading


How to Make More Money by Hiring and Delegating More

peopleIf you are reading my blog, chances are you either own your own business or want to own your own business.   Continue reading

Are We in Another Housing Bubble?

Photo Jun 14, 6 09 54 PMAs 2013 progresses, the Real Estate market is improving in almost every part of the country.   Continue reading

2013 Has Been a Great Year so Far

houseThis has been a very exciting year so far!   I have been through more changes and had more  opportunities presented to me than at any time in my life.  Last year was a great year, but there it was more about improvements to current business practices.  Continue reading

I got to Drive a Lamborghini!

11I am a big believer in being positive about everything in life and making the most of bad situations.  I think our attitude has a huge impact on how successful we are and how happy we are.  Continue reading

Video of Rental Property Number 6 After the Rehab

Here is a quick video I shot of rental property number 6. This rehab took a long time to complete because we found out our contractor had to fire two of his workers. Continue reading

When Saving your Cash Flow Makes More Sense than Paying Down the Mortgage Early


In most of my blog articles I describe how I invest and what I think is the best strategy for myself.  However, not everyone is in the same situation as I am financially or geographically. Continue reading