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How to Find an Investor Friendly Real Estate Agent

realtorThe most important person on an investor’s team is a great Real Estate agent.  Real Estate agents can play a huge role in getting a deal, losing a deal, over-valuing a property and many other factors that can make you money or lose you money. Continue reading


How to Make and Save More Money – Faster and Easier – in a Seller’s Market

Selling in a seller’s market is usually much easier than selling in a buyers market, but there are many important factors to consider when inventory is tight and prices are appreciating.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking a seller’s market means easy money: cause it won’t go up forever.  Stick by your rules, evaluate the repairs that make the most sense and pay close attention to your competition to get the most profit you can.

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How Being a Real Estate Agent Gets Me More Deals

There are a lot of questions on the BiggerPockets Forums on if it is worth it to have your Real Estate license.  I have been a Realtor since 2002, when my father got me in the business.  My father has been a Realtor since 1978 and he has always had a few rentals and done many fix and flips.  When I first started in the business I loved doing fix and flips, but wasn’t so keen on selling houses to strangers.  I sold enough houses to get by, and focused on the flips since those were much more fun.  I always thought it would be smart to buy rental properties, but I was young and not very good at saving money.

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How to Make More Money by Hiring and Delegating More

peopleIf you are reading my blog, chances are you either own your own business or want to own your own business.   Continue reading

How to Improve Your Business By Attending a Conference

conferenceConferences are a great source of information and inspiration.  My main area of focus as a Realtor is listing REO and HUD properties for banks and the government.  Continue reading

Working With Multiple Realtors as an Investor

realtor logoI am a Realtor so I have a definite bias on whether an investor should work with one dedicated agent or work with multiple agents.  I also can give the Realtor’s perspective on how we work and how an investor can make a Realtor/Realtor’s work best for them.  Continue reading

Invest Four More’s Complete Guide to Purchasing Long Term Rental Properties

thI choose to invest in long-term rental properties because of the fantastic returns rentals can provide.  I am seeing over 24% cash on cash returns on all of my rental properties. Continue reading