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Can you Afford your Primary Residence?

Photo May 08, 6 56 42 PMThis topic is near and dear to me as my family and I are considering moving to a bigger, nicer, more expensive home.  Continue reading


My Plan to Purchase 100 Rental Properties by January of 2023 (Part Two of Two)

green-business-graphIn part one of my plan to purchase 100 rental properties by January of 2023 I discuss the mindset I need to reach my goal.  In part two I will discuss my plan on how I will purchase the properties, get the money to purchase the properties, possible road blocks and strategies to remove those road blocks. Continue reading

Fix and Flip Versus Buy and Hold Rental Strategy

3928I just purchased my 7th long-term rental property this week, the details can be found right here.  I paid $113,000 for this property and I estimate the ARV(after repaired value) to be at least $155,000 and probably closer to $160,000 to $165,000 in todays hot market.  Continue reading

How Much Money can you Make from Rental Properties?

IMG_2181When I was finally able to start saving some money a few years ago, I wanted to grow it as fast as possible.  I researched many investment opportunities; franchises, stocks, mutual funds and Real Estate. Continue reading

Invest Four More’s Complete Guide to Purchasing Long Term Rental Properties

thI choose to invest in long-term rental properties because of the fantastic returns rentals can provide.  I am seeing over 24% cash on cash returns on all of my rental properties. Continue reading

Invest Four More Rental Property #4

3126Rental property number four was listed in November of 2011 and was perfect for my long term rental strategy.  It is a 5 bedroom, 3 bath, ranch with a finished basement and a 3 car garage. Continue reading

Invest Four More Rental Property #3

1907I did not waste any time trying to buy my next property after I had purchased rental property number 2.  I always look at the hot sheets (MLS reports that show new listings) at least twice a day, sometimes more to see what is new on the market, back on the market or has had a price change.  Continue reading