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Improving Business and Life by Changing Your Attitude: A Personal Case Study of 2013

I am a relatively new blogger with BiggerPockets; I have published 6 articles so far and this will be my 7th.  Even outside of BiggerPockets, I am a relatively new blogger, having written my first article in March of 2013.

Last January, I was a speaker at an REO conference in Dallas and the panel I was on was focused on social media and it’s role in the REO world.  One of the questions was; do you use blogging in any way and how so?  I answered no, I had never blogged before and at that time, I had never even considered blogging! Additionally, I learned on that panel that it is not so scary to talk in front of a couple hundred people if you have the right attitude.  The point of this story is: things can change incredibly quickly and opportunities can come out of nowhere, if you are looking out for them.

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Last Saturday we were enjoying a beautiful day, when I remembered I had to go into the office to take care of a few work items.  As I was driving to the office I saw some ominous thunderstorms to the … Continue reading

Purchasing Multi-Unit Properties With Little or No Cash Down-An Interview With Ben Leybovich

DSC00619Ben Leybovich has been successfully investing in Real Estate since 2006.  His area of expertise is creative finance and acquisition methods of income-producing real estate. Continue reading

A positive Attitude: When Selling a House Goes Perfectly

IMG_6851I just purchased an amazing home for my family and myself and I feel my positive attitude had a lot to do with how smooth the transaction went.  Continue reading

A Positive Attitude: How it all came Together Perfectly when Buying a House

3305 garageAs many of you who have been following my blog know, I am purchasing a new primary residence.  In fact, the sale was official as of July 18th, and I have been moving ever since.  Continue reading

2013 Has Been a Great Year so Far

houseThis has been a very exciting year so far!   I have been through more changes and had more  opportunities presented to me than at any time in my life.  Last year was a great year, but there it was more about improvements to current business practices.  Continue reading

I got to Drive a Lamborghini!

11I am a big believer in being positive about everything in life and making the most of bad situations.  I think our attitude has a huge impact on how successful we are and how happy we are.  Continue reading