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Videos and descriptions of my rental properties


Last Saturday we were enjoying a beautiful day, when I remembered I had to go into the office to take care of a few work items.  As I was driving to the office I saw some ominous thunderstorms to the … Continue reading

I Thought I had Rental Property Number 8 Under Contract

warningFor about a day and a half I thought I was going to get rental property number 8 under contract.  I was not planning on buying number 8 quite so soon, which I have expressed in other articles, but this was a great opportunity.  Continue reading

Rental Property Number 7 is Rented

Photo Jun 29, 4 21 20 PMWe rented rental property number 7 last week.  We advertised it for $1,400 a month and had three applications in the first day after it was on Craigslist.  Continue reading

Video of Rental Property Number 7 after the Rehab

Here is rental property number 7 after the rehab is complete.  We did minimal repairs on this one including paint, carpet, sprinkler system repairs, outside trim repairs and other minor cosmetic items.  Continue reading

Investfour More Rental Property Number 6 is Rented

1509I think I mentioned this in another post, but we rented rental property number six over a week ago.  Continue reading

Video of Rental Property Number 6 After the Rehab

Here is a quick video I shot of rental property number 6. This rehab took a long time to complete because we found out our contractor had to fire two of his workers. Continue reading

Rental Property Number 5 is Rented!

013184600_320x240I was beginning to get a little bit worried because we have an extremely hot rental market right now and it took a little while to get rental property number 5 rented.  Continue reading